Will I Am Haircut – Modern Afro Style Of Icon In The Pop Culture

Will I Am is always surprising us with good music. He did a great job with the Black Eyes Peas, but also on his solo projects and keeps on giving us more and more good materials. For more than three decades, he activated in the music domain and become an icon in the pop culture for his work.

But that is not the only interesting thing about this artist. The Will I Am Haircut is now making the tour of the world, attracting the critics like a magnet. He seems to have a mix between side parting hair and modern afro style. This is a bold choice but no one can question his originality nor his courage for doing it.


Some mean voices compare Will I Am Haircut with the black mullet of Kanye West, the S-curl of 50 Cent or even with the pigtails of Flesh-N-Bone. While we can definitely see what is wrong with some of these haircuts, the fact is, Will I Am doesn’t really look that bad with his side cut.

He might not be as charming as a 50’s rockabilly gent, but he is trying his best to keep a high standard and to be a fashion icon. And with competitors such as Lady Gaga dressed in raw meat, a modern afro site-cut doesn’t sound that bad, does it?

will-i-am style

Public figures always tried to step out of the ordinary with extravagant looks or clothing. And this is what makes them stand out after all. Besides, who cares about critics when you have billions of fans who don’t really care that much about your look but more about your music?

will-i-am music star

The worst thing that could happen is no one following the trend and Will I Am failing as a trendsetter. But he can always try again, counting on his prestige and popularity. Nevertheless, I’m sure at least one fan will want to follow his role model’s footsteps and cut his hair in the same asymmetrical manner, just for the sake of trying.

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Some may argue that it might have been just a way to draw more attention but then again, superstars are just humans, like all of us. Maybe he only wanted a little change. And with thousands of critics following his every move, no transformation, being small or big, can’t escape the eye of the public hungry for more gossip and chit chat subjects. And in the end…we all had at least one bad haircut, didn’t we?