African American Male Hairstyles – From Waves to Fades

Looking at fashionable hairstyles for African American men in the year 2016? There are many different ways to style your hair, whether you want it shaved, short, long, afro or just natural. Here are a few of the latest fashion African American male hairstyles trends:

The Faded Twist

This look is mostly worn by celebrities and young athletes; this is for the well-groomed and serious man. The side of the hair is cut shorter and the top is left at a medium length.

The African American male hairstyle is styled by applying your moisturizing liquid or gel to the lengths and sides of your hair, the sides are brushed close to the scalp and the top of the hair is twisted into the desired sizes and lengths. This style will fit almost all face shapes and works best with coarser hair types.

The Tapered Afro

This is for the man who likes a low maintenance hairstyle that can hold its style for longer and is also a shorter and closer tapered cut. To get this style the sides are shaved shorter and brushed close to the scalp with the use of grooming lotion and the top is left a bit longer.

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The Parted Box fade

This is a look from the 80’s and 90’s and is a very fashionable look today; this is the style to make a statement with. The hair is cut in an almost box shape at the top and cut from short to longer at the top and shaved in shorter steps on the sides.

To style the hair you need to use a moisturizing lotion throughout the hair, Pick the hair straight up and only brush the sides down and close to the scalp, you can shape the hair using your hands.

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The “Fade” is a very popular hairstyle today for both Caucasian and African American men, especially if accompanied by a well groomed beard. Some of the types of “Fades” are:

The Taper Fade

This is a military-type haircut that is very precise and takes some getting used to when styling. Using the highest guard on the clippers you will cut the sides and the back of the hair, you can use a lower guard if you wish to cut the sides a bit shorter, you then use a lower guard to start at the area where you want to taper, and again lower for the next taper

The High Top fade

This is a type of fade where the hair at the top is very long and lies to the side and the sides and back is shaved very short, in contrast to this you also get a low fade where the hair on the top is kept shorter and the sides are shaved.

It is a style of African American male hairstyles where hair on the sides is cut off or kept very short while hair on the top of the head is very long (in contrast, a low fade is a style where hair on the top is kept shorter).p Fade

The Fade Faux Hawk

With this hairstyle the hair gradually gets longer on the back and the sides of the neck until it is at its longest at the top of the head.

Although the are some other very popular African American male hairstyles, The Fade seems to be taking storm in the fashion world and is at its most popular in 2016.