How to Get 360 Waves for Black Men – Best African American Hairstyle

How to Get 360 Waves


The first step involves checking first that you have a healthy scalp and healthy hair. Some people might be battling dandruff or have dry scalps. This maybe because of winter, but it is advisable that you wait for more humid conditions. After you have confirmed that you have prime hair, now we need to make sure that you also have the height required which is about ¼’’- 0,5’’.

Now, before you start anything, it is important that you have all that it takes to How to Get 360 Waves. These include a strong brush and doo-rag of any brand. The brush has to be strong and firm because there is quite a lot of brushing to be done so that your hair can absorb the curls. The last item you need is the grease.

The wave grease help to keep the hair in place once it is brushed, while also softening and conditioning it. Every brand of the grease has different consistencies. Other are light while others thick, but there is some grease that comes highly recommended, some of which include Duke, Sportin Waves, S-Curl and Murray’s Pomade.

360 waves brush


As said before, it is important that you have the right length of hair. This is because if the hair is short, chances of the curls appearing are small, and if the hair is too long, the waves will form but they will take longer to form and will require higher maintenance to upkeep, and sometimes grow misshaped.

The first step involves getting a short haircut and edging it up. This keeps the hair looking nice and neat. After that, get the brush with strong bristles and brush for about two minutes. This should be done following the growth pattern of your hair so that we work WITH it and not AGAINST it.

  • Take a washcloth and dip it into some hot running water, wring some of the water and wipe down your hair. Repeat this procedure for a couple of times for the sides and back of your head.
  • Take the grease and apply it onto your hair and work it around evenly so that all your hair can be attended.
  • Take the doo-rag and tie it around your head. This should be preferably done during bedtime.

It is advisable not to use pomade products because of the build up and flakes it produces. It is recommended that you keep your hair clean during this process which might take up to six weeks for the waves to appear.

This doesn’t mean that you shampoo your hair every day though. Only brush your hair when it is moist, preferably after moisturizer has kicked in for best results. People who want this gorgeous hair should also regularly take vitamins.

This is because having good hair isn’t all about products. A product called biotin which is commonly found in multivitamins can boost your hair and make it thicker and healthier. Share this article with your friends, and show them also How to Get 360 Waves.

360 waves brushing video