8 Tips for Scalp Care

tips for scalp care tips for scalp care 8 Tips for Scalp Care tips for scalp care 300x193While it is right that the scalp, itself has less control over the hormones that cause male-pattern baldness, some activities limit the robustness of your scalp. Activities like smoking and conditions like skin cancer affect your hair negatively if they are not controlled or treated. Here are some simple tips to ensure that you get the understanding on tips for scalp care.

1 tips for scalp care. Avoid product build up

You must not get product happy and pile on too many products all the time to achieve various hairstyles. Keep it simple when it comes to your hair care regimen. Too much oils, heavy creams, and greases can cause your follicles to clog up and prevent your scalp from getting the adequate moisture it needs to stimulate hair growth.

In response to this build up, the scalp reacts by stopping the production of its natural sebum (oil) causing excessive dryness.

2 tips for scalp care. Smoking

Blood circulation in the scalp is of utmost importance. A healthy scalp supplies nutrients and oxygen to live hair follicles through the various capillaries and arteries beneath the scalp. Smoking reduces healthy circulation beneath the scalp and slows down the hair re-growth.

In the long run, regular smoking may increase the pace of hair loss, especially in dependent smokers in advanced age.

3 tips for scalp care. Sunburn

Even if hair covers the scalp, it is still very possible for the scalp to experience sunburn. As you already know, sunburns are painful and uncomfortable. When the sunburn occurs deeply enough, the primordial cells deep inside the scalp may be affected severely.

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When this happens, the new hair produced might shrink. Since the biological components responsible for hair growth are damaged, the new hair is also naturally damaged even before it breaks out from the surface of the scalp.

4 tips for scalp care. Cancer Strikes

When hair loss occurs, the scalp is exposed to the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This wavelength of radiation has been known to cause skin cancer in people who are exposed to the sun unprotected nearly every day. In this regard, balding becomes more than just an aesthetic concern: it becomes a medical concern.

If you think your scalp is receiving far too much damage from direct hits of the sun, use hats or similar apparel to protect your scalp from further harm. If you can, stay away from the sun and venture out only when needed.

5 tips for scalp care. Watch what you eat

Ok and again, healthy hair and scalp starts with a healthy body. Medications can destroy the health balance of your scalp. So try to eat properly to keep your immune system strong enough to fight off viruses and diseases.

Do not rely on supplemental vitamins alone to give your body the nutrients it needs to function properly. We can’t stress enough to drink plenty of water and eat the foods that has the vitamins naturally to stimulate a healthy body and hair.

6 tips for scalp care. Folliculitis

As the name implies, folliculitis is a disease that is characterized by inflammation and redness of the skin. When this disease occurs, parts of the scalp that are affected lose their hair immediately. Often, the hair loss that is the consequence of this medical condition is permanent. If you don’t get treatment for the condition immediately, you can suffer from generalized balding in a very short amount of time.

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7 tips for scalp care. Salty or Chlorinated Water

Unfortunately, for beach lovers, salt water is not friendly to the human hair. Extremely salty waters can cause immense damage not only to the hair but the scalp itself. Folks who swim in public swimming pools that make use of lots of chlorine are also at risk.

To counter the harmful effects of salt or chlorinated water, you should take a bath or shower immediately after swimming. Use generous amounts of shampoo and conditioners to combat the damaging effect on the scalp and the hair.

You’ll notice that your hair will feel rough and unmanageable after you surface from a pool or the sea. If your hair remains this way after one washing, wash your hair once again, this time with more shampoo. Continue re-washing until your hair returns to its normal texture and bounce. By following the above tips for scalp care you will ensure that you have a healthy scalp.


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    Megan April 23, 2016

    It is very important to take care of your scalp in rigth way. Of course, we remember that smoking and sunburn are very harmful, but at the same time we should not forget about food and chlorinated water too.

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