Cute Short Hairstyles for Black Women

If you’re ready to ditch the long hair for a while, there’s a huge number of short hairstyles for black women that will get you looking and feeling that a superstar. So many famous black women are already rocking super stylish short hair looks that you’ve got plenty of inspiration out there, but in case you need some more, here’s what’s hot for 2016:

Mohawk – Lots of pop stars have gone with this at some point, including Rihanna, and giving it a few modern twists in the styling is the ideal way to show off your rockier side and let people know you’re not to be messed with.

Faux Hawk – Not really to dive into the full commitment of having an actual mohawk? Why not go for a cut that can be styled into something similar but can also be done in a more office-friendly style.

Cropped and Curly – Cropping your hair short doesn’t mean having to lose your femininity, and keeping the middle longer and naturally curly is a cute look that goes great with rounder faces that might not otherwise suit shorter hair.

Smooth Pixie – A side-parted pixie cut gives you a very professional look that’s also dropdead gorgeous. Jennifer Hudson is a particular fan of this style and it works so well on her.

Bob with Bangs – Why mess with a classic? By styling your hair into a bob with super cute bangs, you’ll always look pretty and in control.
Go Blonde – One of the most striking short hairstyles for black women is when they go blonde, with the contrast of colors so attention-grabbing and dramatic.

Close Cropped – If you want to really make an impact, getting your hair cropped really short will certainly do that, and can definitely show off your facial features in a whole new way.

Hollywood Swirl – Timeless looks are called that for a reason and you can inject some real old Hollywood glamour into your look by leaving your short hairstyles for black women a bit longer on top and going for a swirl.

Pin Curls – Another classic style that never gets old or out-of-fashion, it’s cute and sophisticated and goes well with a professional look or a vintage-styled one.

Voluminous Bob – You can leave your hair generally a little longer and go for a bob that’s full of life and and asymmetrical for a bit of quirky style.

Short with Volume – This one is so simple and so effective. Close cropped on the side, longer on top and styled up with a side parting to make you look young and full of energy and excitement.

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short hairstyles for black women

These are just a few of the great options for short hairstyles for black women, but we hope we’ve inspired you to try a few out.


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