Stylish Short Hairstyles for Black Men

Here is a list of all the main options for short hairstyles for black men.

Artsy Fade
Very long on top with a natural wave. Neatly cut to the sides with a line cut shorter in-between. A very designer look.

Curly Afro Fade
Those with curly hair can go for this option as they can have a fade on top of the hair. It gives the style a lot more texture on top and creates a more dynamic look.


Extra short fade
Not much to this haircut other than it is cut very short and at the same length throughout.
A nice easy cut which is simple to maintain.

Extra short high fade
The only difference here between the Extra short fade and the extra short high fade is that the cut is higher on the head. Think – receding hair and you are near enough there. It is cut further back.


Geometric design
This has a very cutting edge look to it so that shape is incorporated into the cut. Geometric shapes and designs give this look a good sense of expression for the wearer. It is certainly an eye catcher.

This is another good example of short hairstyles for black men that incorporates a more funky look.

Kinky coils on top with extra short sides
Long and densely cut on top with some coil effect twists. Hair to the side is clipped close to the skin.

Low Fade Haircut With A Shaved Side Part
This has an illusion as it has an invisible side to the ear line. It is a very fashionable look for those who want to be a bit different.


This is another good example of short hairstyles for black men that incorporates shapes.

Square forehead
Think a square shape on a roundish head and team it up with some square shades and you will look very stylish. You can also trim up some facial hair to a square shape so that it fits in well.

Waves and a beard
This shows a contrast of texture from the hair to the face. This gives a clean cut appearance with a look that’s suitable for someone with a beard.

Curly top and short at the sides
Ideal for those with very curly hair as the hair sits mainly on the top with very short sides. It has a very clean look to it as the sides are neatly cut.

High top and spiky cut
Strong hair gel is needed for this look. Wear the hair long on top and short to the sides. Spike up the middle so that it is like a porcupine. It needs a bit more styling but looks the part.


This is another good example of short hairstyles for black men that puts it more simply.

Simple fade
Simply put, it is the same length all over. It takes on a nice smooth and rounded shape.

Wave fade
Have a wavy side cut line to the side of the head for a different twist. Another creative short hairstyles for black men but will not necessarily have the test of time. One you might prefer to grow out.


Well-polished fade
Think Will Smith and you are there. This takes on a graduated length which makes it appear very finished and clean cut all over.

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    Andy April 14, 2016

    WOW! This is a really cool hairstyles!!! I think many of white males without problems can choose haircuts for them. I would like the Simple fade or Wave fade for me. Well done guys, really cool job!

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