Best Hair Care Tips for Black Men

If you want to make a bold statement about your personality, you have to up your hairstyle game. A messy, damaged and unkempt hair may cause a black man to be perceived as a person who doesn’t have any concerns about how he looks. Some of the individual challenges that African American men face with their hair include fragility, dryness, loss and hair loss. Here are some important hair care tips for black men that can help solve many of these concerns.

hair care tips for black men hair care tips for black men Best Hair Care Tips for Black Men hair care tips for black men 1

hair care tips for black men

Shampoo Less Frequently

Your hair can end up being short, brittle and dry if shampooed time and time again. This can be attributed to the fact that most of the retail shampoos available in retail outlets stores today contain the sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) chemical. As good as it is in cleaning hair, SLS has its own share of drawbacks as it can strip the natural oils that protect the hair. When this happens, the hair is left dry and hence prone to breakage. You should therefore only shampoo your hair once or twice a week to prevent its natural oils from being stripped. Also, go for an SLS-free shampoo.

Moisturize On Daily Basis

Moisturizing your hair is also one of the most important hair care tips for black men that should be observed. Make sure you moisturize your hair every day, whether it is shampooed or not, in order to replenish lost hydration through indoor heating or other dry conditions. You can apply simple oil to your hair roots to avoid dry scalp and flakes and to make it look softer. Try coconut oil or sweet almond and distribute it through your hair to distribute it evenly. Use a little oil every day, more so when your hair feels brittle to touch or dry.

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Have Your Style

Go for a hairstyle that works with your face and defines you as a black man. It should also be a hairstyle that’s easy to maintain with your hair type. You can opt to shave your head, fade your hair with graduated lengths or cut it close to the scalp using clippers. For a more individual, ethnic look, hairstyles such as dreads, braids, or afro can do well and also require low maintenance.

Choice of Products

If you go for products that are exclusively designed for black men can be of great importance in giving you a better looking and healthier hair. Black hair is generally kinky and brittle; therefore, you need to use products that are specifically designed for black men. Drugstores however, mostly offer have products made for smoother hair type. As such look for products free of drying ingredients such as alcohol when shopping around. Actually hair care tips for black men should also be rich in moisturizers and oils.









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