Best Black Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrities have always dictated different styles and fashion trends. This can be a good move, but sometimes it turns out to be a simple caprice of a celebrity that wants to draw attention. However, in these articles, we will not discuss that kind of situation, but we will focus on creative and beautiful hairstyles that black celebrity hairstyles tend to wear.

When we speak of black celebrity hairstyles then probably the first person that we have in mind is Rihanna. She is definitely a hair hero, because her hair has morphed into various shapes and colors during her career. Her latest style is a black sleek bob, which gives her a subtle sexiness and a great note of classiness. This is surely a choice that will never betray you.

Another celebrity that we can surely think of when we mention hairstyles is Beyonce. This girl managed to change over 40 different hairstyles during the last 15 years, and they were all attractive in a different way. Here, we will single out her famous long curls style that gave her the look of a Greek goddess. This black celebrity hairstyles is really simple, and the curls are creating a creative mess with its ampleness. The combination of this hairstyle with Beyonce’s face is surely a jackpot.

Jordin Sparks is another Nubian beauty that has style. Her hairstyles are equal to her vocal qualities: simple yet beautiful. After different hairstyles, she decided to return to her natural hue. Jordin’s decision includes her regular curls that are good both on the normal and windy weather. This is the main trick behind her black celebrity hairstyles: Jordin’s curls are even better when they are a little bit messy, which gives another note to her cuteness.

Actress and model, Selita Banks is known for her work with magazines as Vogue, Glamour and Issues, along with modeling she has done for Victoria’s Secret. Besides that, she is also known for her great hairstyles that always managed to seduce us. They are all based on simple moments, and they are often very retro. Her short hairstyles were completing her look by giving her a classic note, which only emphasized her beauty. Polished bob with simple flipped ends was surely a winning combination.

Halle Berry is a person that first comes in your mind when somebody mentions short hair. She has managed to wear different short hairstyles during her career, which gave her an interesting and unusual note of sexiness. On the other hand, this hairstyle will always draw attention and it is very easy to deal with, you don’t have to wash it and fix it for hours.

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    Sara April 16, 2016

    Rihanna looks really amazing ! Her hair is always different, and it is already her peculiarity. I think that a black long hair is the best variant, so she looks chicly and womanly at the same time.

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