African American Men Hairstyles

Every year there are hot new trends in African American men hairstyles and 2016 is shaping up to be no different. Style icons from Hollywood, the sports world or the music industry are all over the media and where they lead, the rest of us follow, for better and (quite often) for worse.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s some African American men hairstyles that are currently red hot:

Box Fade Cut – Everything comes back around eventually, and this late 80’s classic that you’ll have seen on Will Smith in old photos and TV shows is starting to catch on again. It’s simple and iconic and retro.

Polished Fade – This is more what you’ll be used to seeing Will Smith look like nowadays, a more sophisticated look and an easy one to maintain as most of the work is done for you with the cut.

Faded Twists – A favorite of sports stars, this one works well on pretty much anyone, so don’t worry if you don’t have a basketball star’s physique. It’s also easy to style with just a bit of moisturizing lotion needed.

Low Tapered Fro Out – If you’re growing out your hair, this is a great look that will keep you looking cool while you wait patiently for the fro that will rock your world. It just needs some styling gel to make it work.

All Twisted – Another way to go while growing out your fro is to introduce some twists with some pomade, keeping your hair looking controlled while still flowing free and growing long.

Natural Curls – Or you could just let it flow completely and go for the naturally curly explosion of hair that can look so cool. You’ll still need to work at it with a comb and conditioner and gel to keep it free of tangles.

Low Side Parted Taper – Want to look like a dapper gent? A side parting is the way to go and can look incredibly cool as an African American men hairstyles, if done right.

Straight Brushed Up – Straight hair still isn’t a common look for African American men, but it can look strikingly different when it works, especially with a buzzcut on the sides and the right product keeping the longer hair on top brushed up and looking effortlessly cool.

Clean And Short hairstyles – Sometimes the simplest answer is the most effective and a lot of stars opt for keeping their hair shaved close and let the rest of their features do the talking for them. This one works especially well with a well-maintained beard.

Short Patterned Mohawk – If you want something a bit different, accessorising a mohawk with patterns or dyed sections on the side will definitely get you attention. It might work best if you’re a famous sports star, but we’ll let you decide.

Natural Quiff – Elvis popularised the quiff but a bit of pomade can make it work as an African American men hairstyles too, shaping your hair into a stylish shape all your own.

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African American men hairstyles

Grown Out Buzz – This one is popular with young men who want to look a bit more sophisticated than the rest, with textured but tight curls giving a classy shape and style.




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