African American Medium Hairstyles

The hardest part about being African American has to be trying to find the right hairstyle. Unlike most other ethnicities, the African hair is kinky and tough. It therefore becomes tough to style it especially if you want your hair to remain natural. Getting the perfect hairstyle, most times seems impossible. People with long hair and those with short hair may get away with simple Mohawks and braids but the medium hair is a lot tougher to style and make it stick. Here are sample african american medium hairstyles that go well with all face types.

The bob cut

The bob cut has been around for ages. It is the perfect hairstyle for all people and it can go with all outfits whether official or casual. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it does not require a lot to put it together. You are also able to experiment with a slightly curly bob cut and a straight bob cut so you can find one that suits you best. You can even go for the first lady swoon bob that Michelle Obama does. However, the trick of these african american medium hairstyles is to ensure that the bangs are always set right and are smoothened.



Naturally curly

If you do not want to perm your hair, it does not mean that you should walk around looking like you are having the worst day of all. If you have curly natural hair, it is easy to style and will get you where you need to go without being very expensive. All you have to do to achieve it is to wash your hair, plait twist braids while the hair is still wet and wait for it to dry up. Once dry undo the twists and your hair will be curly. You can use a pin to move the hair to one side of your head. Comb the curls a little, so they do not seem too big and separated.


Give me volume

These are african american medium hairstyles that give your hair more volume and make it feel and look like you have more hair on your head. It requires that you have bangs on your hair and flat iron them as you desire. After prepping your hair with a thermal protectant, curl it to your desire. Afterwards use a hair donut to place a donut right under the crown of your head and hold it secure. Comb the hair around the donut and you are ready to go.


african american medium hairstyles african american medium hairstyles African American Medium Hairstyles african american medium hairstyles

african american medium hairstyles


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    Chloe April 18, 2016

    I disagree with the author about the bob hairstyle. I would say it’s the most difficult hairstyle to make it look classy every morning. Curly natural hair is the best option! It’s much easier and looks great.

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