10 African American Boys Haircuts

Trends often disappear as soon as they come when it comes to african american boys haircuts. Many are often displeasing, with a few catching the eye and remaining for years on end. In this case here are 10 african american boys haircuts that continue to stay.

1. Curly Afro Fade

African American boys have the advantage of already having curly hair. In this regard boys can take the advantage of having a great style with the top area expressing itself in curls to stand out.

2. 360 Waves

This is one african american boys haircuts that continues to stay regardless of time. This comes about as with the small curls coming from the root of the hair, wavy like hair is formed. However to make it look outstanding barbers often make the best 360 waves.

3. Fade with a cool afro on top

Time and again fade hairstyle has been making boys stand out regardless of race. However for that wow factor, fade with a cool afro on top is the way to go. Not only is it stylish but maintenance is low.


4. Clean shave

Across the board, African Americans are known to have a clean shave at least once in their lives. However in boys this is usually a transition stage that makes one seem confident to all onlookers.

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african american boys haircuts

5. Closely professional Cut Temple Fade

Temple fades are usually experimental in boys to determine just how good their hair is. However the best part is that a closely professional cut temple fade, makes the face features outstanding making anyone wearing the hairstyle stand out.


6. Extra short cut with fade on temples

For that mature look, boys always have the option of going for that extra short cut. However to give it that cool factor, fade at the temples, retaining a clean look afterwards.

7. Afro

Looking at all the 10 African American boy’s haircuts that continue to stat, afro no doubt is the oldest. Growing hair out is no easy task as maintaining it can be hectic. Still some trimming may be needed to ensure that it looks neat instead of patting.

8. Afro with temple fades

To set apart from the rest an afro with temple fade has been here for a long time and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. However the best part is that it comes off as one of the best african american boys haircuts that only boys can wear.


9. Shapely fade

This is usually the next step after getting an afro temple fade when getting rid of it. By simply fading the sides, one gets to retain the top afro part making it outstanding in the process.

10. Taper Fade Mohawk

For those african american boys haircuts who want a simple cut that will not scream out while in public, then the taper fade Mohawk is the unsurpassed. A long fade with only the edges faded on both sides, will make the style neater than ever.




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