Stunning Prom Hairstyles African American Hair

Stunning prom hairstyles african american hair

Stunning prom hairstyles african american hair


In the life of every student, prom time is one of the most special moments. It’s the time when friendships blossom into romance and deep, passionate love stories. Therefore, many girls spend a great amount of time and effort on their looks. When it comes to beauty, choosing the right prom hairstyles for african american hair can make all the difference between a shabby appearance and a stunning one. This hair type can be difficult to manage and style and therefore, we would like to guide you on some great options to choose from.

1. Short Pixie Cut

If you have sharp features, a short pixie cut with neatly swept bangs to the side can enrich your look. Think of Claire Underwood from House of Cards! A prom hairstyles african american hair, this will definitely give you an edgy yet suave appearance. Many famous black women in Hollywood such as Rihanna and Halle Berry have sported this hairstyle too! So go ahead and style those locks in a pixie cut and watch those boys swoon all over you.

2. Romantic Curls

If you would rather prefer having long hair, then curling your hair and wearing them with a casual side parting can give you an adorably romantic look. Perfect for African American hair which is naturally quite curly. The best part about this prom hairstyle is it suits nearly all types of faces. All you need to do is straighten your hair with an iron and use a barrel roller or wand to curl up your locks. A variation to this hairstyle is a wavier look which is ideal if you want a more relaxed appearance.

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3. A braided up-do bun

A hairstyle that is elegant and classy, a braided up-do is usually in the shape of a bun but you will need straight hair for the style to hold correctly. You can accentuate your hair with clips and flowers for more charm. The only drawback of this prom hairstyles african american hair is its rather stiff so your partner won’t be able to run his hand through your hair!

Prom night doesn’t have to mean expensive treatments to your hair, which often involve a lot of harsh chemicals. You can look quite stunning if you shape and style your natural hair in a way which suits your personality. Accessorize with some basics, be warm and confident and you’ll make a lasting impressions on your sweetheart. After all, all the boys will be attracted to your beaming smile!

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    Janet June 27, 2016

    My prom hairstyle was very simple (like the one in the fourth picture), I just curled hair and let it fall freely. Flawless, romantic look, perfect for anyone. I prefer feminine hairstyles.

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