African American Shoulder Length Hairstyles

When we think of current style icons, the first person that comes to our mind is our First Lady, Michelle Obama. She is always dressed proper, well styled and most importantly approachably stylish. There is nothing celebrity like about her, and that’s just what makes her all the more alluring. And she is rocking the most gorgeous African American shoulder length hairstyles that has ever been donned by a First Lady since Jackie Kennedy.

But she is not the only celebrity who has carried an African American shoulder length hairstyles with such grace. From Tyra Banks to Oprah to Kerry Washington to pop icons like Rihanna and of course Beyonce, they have all rocked those gorgeous locks at shoulder length. One thing you can take from these examples is that shoulder length hairstyles suit all facial types and personal preference. Whether you are looking for a casual look or something more chic and happening, you can easily do so with shoulder lengths. Following are a few styling tips to help you get started:

Layered Midi: Opt for face-framing layers to give your hair a fuller look. Too many layers can really make the hair lack volume so just a layer or two at the front would make them look absolutely gorgeous and so very easy to style and carry on a daily basis. You can also make a small bun at the back with a sideways fringe to make the look more sleek.

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Rumpled Waves: Love to carry waves? Or have natural wavy hair? Opt for a rumpled disheveled look to give it a sexy messy kind of a look. To give your hair a rumpled look, work a salt spray into your hair after washing them and tousle them with your hands to distribute the spray. Once the hair dries, you’d have the perfect rumpled look for a date night or even a girls night out! Don’t forget to be safe, because these locks would turn a lot more than a few heads.

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The Kerry Washington Look: Now that is one African American shoulder length hairstyles which is always on the right track. It is always so sleek with every hair strand exactly where it should be. No, that’s not just an expensive hairstylist working up his magic, it is a carefully planned haircut that just can’t go wrong on anybody! This is an ideal hairstyle for someone with fine hair and a prominent jawline. Add just one or two side layers without chopping off too many of your shoulder length hair. Layers can look quite limp, especially on thin hair. Now just make a side bang and rock it like a celebrity for your perfect day to evening look.

Kerry WashingtonKerry Washington

African American shoulder length hairstyles are all the rage this season, so hurry up and bring your locks up to date too!

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