Elegant African American Braided Updo Hairstyles

Doing an updo with braided hair can be very easy or really troublesome. There are many elegant styles for updos and I have collaborated a list of styles which can be easily done by you at home. These african american braided updo hairstyles styles are vastly popular and are suitable for a wide range of occasions.

1 – The Classic Bun: This is a classic hairdo which will take you anywhere. It’s quite simple to achieve this, firstly braid your hair into cornrows then tie them into a ponytail with loose extension hair. Now, braid the ends of corn rows into 4 plaits and wrap the plaits neatly into a bun. Use pins to keep the hair in place and light sheen for sealing the look. This look suits all types of faces and can be done easily with medium to long length smooth hair. This african american braided updo hairstyles look perfect in professional environments and workplaces.

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2 – Mohawk Updo: Braided hair look absolutely amazing with the mohawk style updo. This is done by braiding your hair into cornrows and then tie them up so that they are in a smooth row above the head. Secure the hair using pins and sheen. This look was earlier used by younger age college girls but it has grown vastly famous amongst all age groups in the african american braided updo hairstyles in the recent years. You can also tie more than one bun in your updo. You may also choose to have different sizes and styles of braid in this look and create a look of your own.

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african american braided updo hairstyles

african american braided updo hairstyles


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3 – Queen Style Updo: This updo can be done intricately or simply but it always looks great. One cool idea is to braid hair into three different sizes. The biggest braid is on the outermost to provide a crown like appearance whereas the smaller braids can be arranged in a mixed manner to make the updo look great. Various actresses have flaunted this updo in their own style and you can also make the perfect crown as you desire with this updo.

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4 – Sideways Bun: Braided hair were very limited in their scope and style until the slanting buns came along to blow everyone’s mind. Braided hair can be neatly tied on one side of the head, they may be tied in a classic bun or your own favorite style. This hairstyle can be easily promoted with accessories such as sunglasses, earrings etc. Since there are so many different ways to make a sideways bun, almost anyone can come up with their unique style. This is one of the african american braided updo hairstyles which can be customized according to your personality and can be flaunted by anyone.

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With these african american braided updo hairstyles, you can easily get prepared for any meeting or event at your home. Braided updo hairstyles will make you more confident as they are quite classy and bold. You can use different products for maintaining the look and to braid the hair perfectly. For a perfect and hassle free day, tie your hair neatly and tightly and secure them using pins or hair-band if required.

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    Jessy August 04, 2016

    Braided hairdo is very popular among all women, hair can be braided in so many ways, each one looks great and inimitable. I like elegant braided updos.

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    Megan August 24, 2016

    I like braided hairstyles, they always look cool, especially when it comes to african american hair. Sometimes I braid my hair too, it’s not easy but funny.

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