African American Blonde Hairstyles

To some extent the social media have shed a lot of light on the topic, “African American blonde hairstyles”. And this have turned out to be some kind of debate or among followers of different social media pages on fashion. It is both amazing and sad altogether to say that most of fashion blog readers have sounded in total disagreement of the blonde hair won on African American women.

That said, what is the motive behind this trend that seems to be reemerging among African American women? Is it just for beauty or they are somewhat just trying to fit and wash away their cultural heritage? African-Americans natural hair is black but sometimes most of them wear a dark brown hair which, according to some beauticians and designers, looks great on them.

African American blonde hairstyles

African American blonde hairstyles

Sometime back, the famous R&B songstress Beyoncé went from black to cascade blonde hair. This move poked the fashion industry especially the people who are in support of the view that the people of color should remain natural and maintain their black colored hair in their hairdos. Comments on different fashion blogs and social media pages threw harsh outcry terming the celebrity as a traitor to her heritage.

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It has been however noticed as a trend that African American blonde hairstyles is commonly worn by celebrities who rise up the ladder in their careers, something that really makes one wonder what the blonde hairstyle has to do with success and achievements.

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As a matter of fact to be precise, both white Americans and African Americans together with the Asians and Native American have low opinion of the blonde hair on African Americans. Most of these people have pointed out to different celebrities with blonde hair extensions saying that they better would have gone back to their natural hair color saying that, they (the celebrities) would have had a better look in the natural black hair.

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Some of the African American celebrities that people have recommended to be natural in their hairstyles includes Mary J Blige, Nene Leakes, Rihana and Rita Ora to mention but a few.



  1. Avatar
    Sofi April 14, 2016

    it is very interesting to see such unusual women. The nature gives them black hair, but someone of them break this rule with very fantastic success, they look very naturally and nice.

  2. Avatar
    Max K April 14, 2016

    In my humble opinion, African American women with black hair look good, but with blonde hair they are really outstanding. I think that every woman should choose the color of her hair she likes. As for me, it is not the betrayal of their cultural heritage.

  3. Avatar
    Alex August 01, 2016

    I didn’t think that African hair can has so many different beautiful hairstyles:)

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