30 African American Teenage Hairstyles

For African American teens who love to stay trendy and also experiment with their hair, there are plenty options to choose from. For african american teenage hairstyles can be fun and flattering and at the same time sophisticated. Let us have a look at some of the options available for any African American teen who wants to change up her look and bring out the best look for her hair.

Braided hair style

If you want to allow your hair to rest from the daily styling while retaining its maximum length, braiding styles are probably the best option for you.

Here are several braiding styles that look great on african american teen:

(a)Micro braids

This is a very versatile african american teenage hairstyles. Micro braids are simply individual braids with extensions added to them. The difference between the micro braid and the traditional box braid is that the parting for the micro braids are way smaller. With micros, most of the hair is left unbraided.

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If your choice is cornrows, there are fun partings and designs to choose from, together with accessories to compliment the finished look. For extra length, you can add synthetic hair to the braids.




(c)Goddess braid

This is a very elegant african american teenage hairstyles. Here the extra braiding hair is used to make a thick cornrowed braid around the crown of your head. Bobby pins are then used to secure the thick braid to keep it and the hair in place.

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(d)Fishtail braid

If you are looking to keep the ends of your hair protected, the fishtail braid is a good option. It is a very easy look to pull off for teenagers with long hair but extensions can be used if the hair is shorter.



Natural hairstyle

This is for carefree teens who want to wear their hair natural. Afros and braid outs fall under this category.


It is the easiest african american teenage hairstyles to maintain for an African American male. All one needs to do is to wash the hair, condition it then apply the moisturizer. To maintain a good shape of the hair, it should be trimmed every six weeks.








(b)Braid out

This is achieved by parting and braiding the natural hair into cornrows or large individual braids when it is wet, damp or dry. Using gel helps to keep the texture from the braid locked in.



Relaxed styles

With relaxers, teens don’t have to keep applying heat to the hair as often and the hair still stays slick and straight.

Here are some of the most popular relaxed african american teenage hairstyles:

(a)Classic bob

For black teens, a bob is one of the simplest haircuts to maintain. Once they get home from the salon, they can simply touch up the hair with a flat iron or blowout the hair with a ceramic round brush.






This is a fun way of spicing up relaxed hair. A crimping iron is used on the strands to create waves. Crimps can last for up to a fortnight.

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